June 14, 2021

BOS 20210614A

Meeting Agenda


Meeting Minutes

May 24, 2021

Union Contract

  1. Approved by voters - article #5 (821 for, 339 against)

  2. Approved by Union Membership

  3. Ready for Selectmen signatures

  4. October 1, 2021 wage adjustment - 3%

  5. July 1, 2022 wage adjustment - 3%

  6. July 1, 2023 wage adjustment - 2.5%

  7. Continuation of step increases

Union Contract 7.1.21 to 6.30.21.pdf
2019 Town Facility Tours
Conservation Commission 6-14-21

Resignation Acceptance

  1. Roger St. Laurent, Jr. submitted his resignation via email as a regular Conservation Commission Member effective June 7, 2021.

  2. Leaves two (2) regular Conservation Commission Member positions vacant.

Recommended Motion:

"I move to accept the resignation as submitted by Roger St. Laurent, Jr. and ask the Town Administrator to send a letter of appreciation for his years of volunteer service."

Conservation Commission 6-14-21

Conservation Commission Interviews

  1. Andrew Thompson

  2. Marion Godzick

  3. Dianne Plansky

  4. Jayson Brennen

Candidates Matrix

Matrix 6-14-21.pdf
Colby P&S BOS Info 6-14-21.pdf

Purchase and Sale Agreement

Board of Selectmen and Conservation Commission have negotiated the purchase of 314 CBH

Vacant residential / agricultural property consisting of 2.73 acres

Abuts town owned conservation land and river access facility

Deal includes first refusal on purchase of 318 CBH which consists of 24.49 acres used for residential / agricultural purposes.

Legal Counsel prepared the P&S and started the title search and title insurance process

Funding to come from the Conservation Fund

Recommended Motion:

"I move to authorize Chairman Webber to sign the Purchase and Sale agreement as prepared by legal counsel and recommended by the Conservation Commission."

Snowdrop Basketball Hoop.pdf

Snowdrop Lane Basketball Hoop

Town does not have ordinances restricting portable basketball hoops on town rights-of-way along streets and roads.

Police Department has been called to investigate

Road Agent has no issues with during spring, summer and fall.

Fence Bids BOS Info 6-14-21.pdf

Purchase Order

Radio tower needed security fence at Roy Memorial Park

Recycling fence damaged age and trees

No contractors with supplies and manpower to accomplish job for 4 to 6 months

Local contractor learned about the situation and provided assistance

As Town Administrator, I had to make a decision for the safety of town facilities and residents

Recommended Motion:

"I move to approve a purchase order for the purchase of security fencing at the Recycling Facility and the Roy Memorial Park Radio Tower to Fences Unlimited in the amount of $43,370.00 pursuant to the purchasing policy section 7 - Emergency Procurements"

Fire Wardens BOS Info 6-14-21.pdf

Forest Fire Warden Appointments

Appointments are recommended to the Director of the Division of Forests & Lands

Recommended Motion:

"I move to recommend the appointment and / or reappointment of the individuals to the NH Director of the Division of Forests and Lands as recommended by the Fire Chief Fraitzl.

Frank Fraitzl - Warden

Douglas Nicoll - Deputy Warden

Earle Derek - Deputy Warden

Ed Glancy - Deputy Warden

Jeffrey Baxley - Deputy Warden (new)

Jason Hubbard - Deputy Warden

Paul Kelley - Deputy Warden

Brian Kimball - Deputy Warden

Jeff Newell - Deputy Warden

Chris Patten - Deputy Warden

John Travis - Deputy Warden

Corey Thomas - Issuing Agent (new)

Jeffrey Newell - Issuing Agent (new)

Reopening Plan Phase 2

COVID Operations

In response to Governor's action to suspend the State of Emergency

Recommended Motion:

"I move to adopt the Town Offices and Facilities Operations Plan effective Tuesday, June 15, 2021."

TA Report 20210614

Town Administrator Report

2021 BOS Appointments Website

Selectmen Reports

Blackwell Offer

Non-Public Session

  1. RSA-91-A:3 II(b) - Hiring of any person as a public employee

  2. The board is now entering non-public session or a non-meeting with counsel, as the case may be). While we do not anticipate the need to return to public session following the non-public session (or non-meeting) for any reason other than to adjourn the meeting, we reserve the right to do so if the non-public session (or non-meeting) necessities the board taking action in public session.