03-27-2023 BOS Agenda

MOTION:  I make a motion to approve the minutes of the March 13,  2023 Public Hearing Minutes.

Final NH DES SRF Water Grant for Stormwater Asset Management.pdf

PUBLIC HEARING - FY2022 State Clean Water SRF Grant in the amount of $30,000 to create a Stormwater Asset Management Program

MOTION:  I make a motion to accept $30,000 from the NH Department of Environmental Services for the purpose of an Stormwater Asset Management System and to authorize Kim Kleiner, Town Administrator to execute the grant documents on behalf of the Town of Litchfield.

 Committee/ Boards and Commission Members requesting reappointment (with terms expiring in 2023)

Deputy Town Clerk/Tax Collector Laura Mills 2026

Conservation Commission Joan McKibben 2026,    Harry Menizigan 2026,     Michael Croteau 2026

Heritage Commission  - Karl Franck 2026

Planning Board - Michael Croteau 2026

Recreation Commission - Peter Ames 2026

Capital Improvement Committee - Peter Stone 2026

Zoning Board of Adjustment - Jerry Sorenson 2026,  John R. Devereaux 2026

SCNE Agreement.pdf

Motion :  I make a motion to approve the following purchases,  for the  Pickleball Court Project as approved by the Recreation Commission :

Sport Court Northeast  in the amount of  $32,929.80 and Fences Unlimited  in the amount of $65,878.00 

Auction Vehicles Min-Road Agent.xlsx

MOTION:   I make a motion to approve the contract with Auctions International for the online sale of the five vehicles as discussed.

2023 Fire Dept Projections - Sheet1.pdf
Retirement Letter.pdf

Discussion on Fire Personnel - Retirement of Doug Nicoll,  Request permission to Hire a Full Time Firefighter to fill vacancy.

2022 Equalization Ratio - Official.pdf
Equalization Ratio Explanations.pdf
NH - Govt Official WARN letter.pdf


State _Aid _Preview_3_20_2023.pdf
PWW River Crossing 1-pager 10-18-22.pdf
LOTF - SB169-FN-A Water Main Interconnection 020723.pdf