9-26-2022 BOS Agenda
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John Brunelle Portable Radios

2023 Budget
2023 Budget Changes 9/21/22
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Email received 9/20/22 asked to be read at the next BOS meeting



Our next scheduled meeting is October 10, 2022, which is Columbus Day and the town offices are closed. A reminder that the tax aquired property at 25 Courtland has passed the 90 days required before offering it for sale. I think there should be discussions moving forward on how the board and the new town administrator want to proceed with the property. The new town administrator will be starting on Monday October 3rd, and I would like to thank the board for your patience with me during the absence of a town administrator.


  1. Recreation Commission Representative - Steven J. Webber

  2. School Facilities Improvement Committee - Steven J. Webber

  3. Budget Committee Representative - F. Robert Leary Sr.,

  4. Planning Board Representative - Kimberly M. Queenan

  5. Capital Improvement Committee Representative - Kimberly M. Queenan

  6. Conservation Commission Representative - Kevin A. Lynch

  7. Heritage Commission Representative - Richard W. Lascelles

  8. Emergency Management Team - Richard W. Lascelles