12-28-2022 BOS Agenda
Oath of Office - Peter Forgione.pdf

New Officer Swearing in - Officer Peter A. Forgione of Nashua

LPD Recognitions - Life Saving Medals - Crp. Morgan and Robert Boda


After a review of approved minutes it was found that the November 14th minutes had not been approved.

Motion: To approve the Minutes from the Board of Selectmen Meeting held November 14, 2022


Motion: To approve the Minutes from the Board of Selectmen Meeting held December 12, 2022

Draft 2023 Town Holiday Schedule

Motion : I make a motion to approve the list of proposed 2023 Town Holidays for the Non-Bargaining Employees as presented

Melanson - Marcum LLP Merger .pdf

Information Only - Current Contract 2020-2022 ends after the audit of this current year - 2022.

Cost $27K

Resignation of Officer T. Dezotell.pdf

Resignation - Officer Taylor Dezotell

Motion : I make a motion to accept the resignation of Officer Dezotell effective January 4th, 2023.

Q-411370-44902.844KT Quote - Tazer replacement program.pdf

LPD - Tazer 5 year replacement program ($9,553.20 a year)- recommended by CIP with the use of ARPA funds. We are requesting the ability to issue a PO for $47,765.72 . With rising costs, after the first of the year, the quote will go up by ten percent. which equates to an additional cost of $2,388.29.

Motion - I make a motion to approve the Police Tazer five year replacement program for a total cost of $47,765.72. The source of the funds will be ARPA .

Year End Encumbrances

FY22 Encumbrances - Fire Dept.

5 Sets of Protective Clothing


Engine 4 Repair


Total Encumbrances


Motion: I make a motion to encumber $33,824.90 for Fire Protective clothing and Fire Engine 4 repairs.

Note: Received today, Dec 28th - Engine 4 will cost an approx. $3,240 for work found after the PO was issued. We are requesting an additional $5,000 be added to the the PO for $18,474.03 and encumbered from the 2022 budget.

2022 --Year End Projections
2023 Default Budget
2023 Budget
2023 Budget Adjustments

2023 Budget Adjustments

Town Deliberative Fire Truck 2023.pdf

Letter from Interim Chief Nicoll regarding the Warrant Article for the Fire Engine. This letter was delivered via email to the Budget Committee.

Draft Warrant Articles to Date


On Fire Engine - Estimated to use $375,901 ARPA

Trade in for Pumper $7,262.

Estimated Cost in March less ARPA - $453,320.

Estimate is 6 year Lease

20221110 2023 DRAFT Warrant Articles
Tax cap Illustration - Sheet2.pdf
2022-005-updated_10-24-22 (1).pdf

For your information only - New Veteran Credit Language signed into law requires re-adoption of language by warrant.


We received a check from the State of NH for the reimbursement of NHRS contributions per HB1221. The amount was $28,640.36. We will schedule a public hearing in January to accept the funds.

We received notice from the State Department of Transportation that the Town of Litchfield will receive a Special One-time payment Bridge payment, in accordance with SB 401 which was effective July 2022. 50% of the payment was calculated on our percentage of statewide municipal bridge deck surface area and the other 50% is based on our percentage of the statewide population. We should receive a check for $131,318.70 this month.

Friday's Storm, December 23, 2022

Fire - 59 Additional Hours

No residents reported to Fire Community room

Majority restored Friday night

As of Saturday, Dec 24th, 2 pm 145 Litchfield residents were without power

Approx. 30 continued into Monday

Eversource is preparing a detailed report of locations, time of loss and restoration. Should issue by the end of the week.

Calls to the Police Dept. Dispatch:

Friday -

Tree-wires down - 11

Power out 2

CO2 alarms 1

Saturday -

No power 2

Frozen lock 1

Welfare check 1

Contact has been made with Onsolve - will schedule training with staff for an update

Meeting being scheduled with Fire, Highway, Schools to review Emergency Plan of 2019, especially for new employees.

Contract for Meeting Minutes:

Currently Budgeted: ZBA - 10 meetings @ $300 - BOS, Budget & Recreation meetings - $9,500 yr, Conservation Comm $1,200 yr = $13,700

Reached negotiations for $1,100 /mo. all boards and Commissions totaling $13,200 yr. + Town laptop for use



  1. Recreation Commission Representative - Steven J. Webber

  2. School Facilities Improvement Committee - Steven J. Webber

  3. Budget Committee Representative - F. Robert Leary Sr.,

  4. Planning Board Representative - Kimberly M. Queenan

  5. Capital Improvement Committee Representative - Kimberly M. Queenan

  6. Conservation Commission Representative - Kevin A. Lynch

  7. Heritage Commission Representative - Richard W. Lascelles

  8. Emergency Management Team - Richard W. Lascelles


Non-Public Session

  1. RSA-91-A:3 II(a) - Compensation of a public employee