03.11.2024 BOS Agenda

February 12, 2024


The Board tabled the Meeting Minutes from February 12, 2024 at the February 26, 2024 meeting. 

Motion:  I make a motion to  approve the Minutes from the Board of Selectmen meeting on February  12,  2024


February 26, 2024 


Motion:  I make a motion to  approve the Minutes from the Board of Selectmen meeting on February  26,  2024


Recreation Commission - User fee discussion  - Chair Peter Ames

Litchfield Impact Fee Update Study 2023 NRPC Final (3).pdf

Approval  and Adoption of Impact Fee Study

Questions from February 12, 2024 meeting:

a. What happens if the GMS article does not pass? We can continue to collect the funds. if in 6 years the project has not begun, the $ would be returned.

b. Can they collect Impact Fees for GMS? Yes, for the portion of the school which accommodates new growth, which NRPC did do.

c. What account does Ms. White put the School Impact Fees in? the Funds can put it in the current elementary account 

Legal has reviewed and  has no objections to the plan

Abatement - Map 18, Lot 66, Open Doors, 359 Charles Bancroft Hwy.  Assessors recommendation - denial.

Litchfield Board and Commission Reappointments 

The following have terms expiring March 31, 2024 and respectfully request reappointment:

Energy Committee:   Sam Terrill, French French and Eric Olson for a term to expire March 31, 2025

Conservation Commission:  Fred French of Litchfield for a term to expire March 31, 2027 

Recreation Commission:  Jeff Towne, Andrew Ruggles and Chris Burns for a term to expire March 31, 2027

Planning Board Resignations:  Kate Stevens and Sam Terill

2024 Farm Lease Agreement.pdf

Application for Current Use Assessment , Map 15, Lot 22 .  Town Owned land - Reviewed by the assessor and recommended approval.

Recommend approval of the Lease with McQuestern Farms for the Lease on property at Map 15, Lot 22.

2024 Budget
2024 Default Budget



2024 Local Officials Workshops

9:00 am - 4:00 pm, Wednesday, April 3, 2024

25 Triangle Park Drive, Concord 

Attendees have the option of attending in-person (limited to 60 people) at NHMA's offices, 25 Triangle Park Drive in Concord or attending virtually through a live streaming Zoom broadcast.

Presented by NHMA's Legal Services attorneys, these complimentary workshops provide municipal officials with the tools and information to effectively serve your communities. Topics will include the Right-to-Know Law, town governance, budget essentials, ethics and conflicts of interest, running effective meetings, municipal roads, and more.  This program will also include a presentation on hot topics pending before the New Hampshire State Legislature of concern to municipal officials. Ample time allowed for questions, answers, and discussion.

Attendees will receive a complimentary electronic copy of the NHMA's 2024 edition of our comprehensive publication on municipal law, Knowing the Territory.  Hard copies of Knowing the Territory are available on our online shop. Additional materials such as the PowerPoint presentation will also be distributed electronically. No print outs of the materials or hard copy of the publication will be provided.

Workshop is free, but pre-registration is required.  If you register but cannot attend, a recording of the workshop will be provided.


The Office of Planning and Development organizes this annual conference, required under RSA 673:3-a, by providing informational sessions on planning and zoning issues for members of municipal land use boards. This planning and zoning conference has been held since 1994.


For the 2024 NH Office of Planning and Development’s Spring 2024 Planning and Zoning conference.

Please note that this year’s conference will be held virtually, over one full Saturday. There will be three tracks including: Planning Board, Zoning Board of Adjustment, Historic Preservation & Housing.

Update from Litchfield Fire Department - Chief Nicoll

CERT Team - 

 Chief is working with the Londonderry CERT to possibly bring a 16-hour, certified class to Litchfield.

They teach hands on in person CERT.  The in person course is 16 hours total and it is hands on. The class includes certified First aid, CPR, AED and advanced bleeding control as part of it.  The in person class has a couple of chapters with a medical component. 


 The class would be held on a  8 hour Saturday and 8 hour Sunday along with coffee, snacks, drinks and Pizza for lunch.

Diversify your Tax Base.pdf
Economic Development survey Final Draft 3.pdf

Economic Development Committee Survey has been released - Online, At Town Hall, Library and Transfer Station.  Will have available March 12th at Elections, approved by Moderator

Survey Closes March 22nd


Non Public Session 

Non Public Session

RSA 91-A:3,II(a) - The dismissal, promotion or compensation of any public employee or the disciplining of such employee or the  investigation of any charges against him unless the employee affected (1) has a right to a meeting, and (2) requests that the meeting be open, in which case the request shall be granted.

RSA 91-A:3II(d) - Consideration of the acquisition, sale or lease of real or personal property which, if discussed in public, would likely benefit

        a party or parties whose interests are adverse to those of the general community. 


Proposed Farmers Market Ordinance (4).pdf

TABLED -  Needs new meeting date

New Proposed Farmers Market Ordinance and Application

2023 Farmers Market Application (5).pdf
Special Events Ordinance Proposed.pdf

DRAFT ONLY - Tabled 2/12/2024  - committee formed to review

Permit request 4th of July Parade.pdf

Permit Request - 4th of July Parade

Litchfield Fire, Police and Highway have not responded as available  staffing and event details need further confirmation.

Tabled 02/12/2024