October 11, 2021

Affinity LED streetlight proposal for Litchfield.pdf

LED Street Light Conversion

Cassidy Brennan and Steve Lieber to present proposal

LED street light conversion costs is $475 per fixture and eligible for $4,150 rebate = $17,653 cost

Annual savings $7,574 ($12,932-$7,574 = $5,358 new annual budget

Simple payback 2.33 years

ARPA Funds, unanticipated funds, or 2021 operating budget encumbrance

BOS 20210927A
Initial Delivery Sheet - Litchfield Only.pdf


I have asked Mike Wimsatt and Jeffrey Marts from NHDES to provide the Board of Selectmen with an update on the status of St. Gobain and residents receiving temporary bottled water.

Cub / Boy Scout Storage

Kerri Douglas, Curtis Sampson (Cubmaster) or Jeff McLean (Asst. Cub Master) will be present to request permission to for the Cub Scouts Pack / Boy Scout Troop to use one of the upstairs offices in the old fire station for storage. If we could clear out an office in the old station, it would help us to consolidate gear and make it more accessible for those who wish to use it.

It was suggested that I reach out to you to try to obtain access, but if I need to reach out to someone else, I am happy to do so if you point me in the correct direction.

Best wishes,



Keri Douglas

Fire Warm Zone.pdf


$6,000 grant

Warm Zone / Active Shooter

Captain Scotti prepared in coordination with Fire Chief

Training already completed by prior grant

Helmets, vests medical equipment

RECOMENDED MOTION: I move to accept the grant and authorize the Town Administrator, Finance Director and Fire Chief to sign and submit all required documents.

2021-2022 Parking Lot Contract.pdf


One Year Contract - $23,000 for 1 year contract

Multi Year Contract - $23,000, $23,920, $24,877

Increase from $19,000 to $23,000 = $4,000 (21%)

RECOMENDED MOTION: I move to accept the 2021/22 Municipal Parking Lot Snow Plow contract in the amount of $23,000.


Last meeting Town was over tax cap $80,000 we are now over $136,775

Main Drivers:

Rock Salt Increased from $0.00 to $72.00 per ton = $45,500 increase

Propane increased from $1.33 to $1.85 per gallon = $10,606 increase


Purchase Police Cruiser ($28,999 and Fire Command ($43,499) = $72,498 reduction

New tax cap overage $64,277

What's Still Still Pending?

Utility Rates and Insurance Policies

Town Administrator Report

Next meeting is Monday, October 11th (Columbus Day Office Closed)

Scheduling CIP Monday, October 4th (Hopefully)

Selectmen Reports

  1. Planning Board Representative - Kimberly M. Queenan

  2. Emergency Management Team - Steven J. Webber

  3. Recreation Commission Representative - Steven J. Webber

  4. School Facilities Improvement Committee - Steven J. Webber

  5. Capital Improvement Committee Representative - Steven J. Webber

  6. Budget Committee Representative - F. Robert Leary Sr.,

  7. Conservation Commission Representative - Kevin A. Lynch

  8. Heritage Commission Representative - Richard W. Lascelles

2022 Budget