October 18, 2021

BOS 20211011A

Police Officer

Chief Sargent will be present to introduce a new police officer.


I move to appoint Taylor Dezotell as a full time probationary police officer as recommended by Chief Sargent.


Veterans Update

Selectman Leary will introduce a group of Veterans that would like to get more involved in the Town like updating flags and work on cemeteries. See email correspondence from the Cemetery Trustees received this weekend regarding this topic.

Copy of Public Notice - Amending Pole License


Health Insurance - -8.1% / $50k

Police Department Dispatch Overtime - $500

Recreation Playground Equipment - $3,500

Fire Impact fees - $65k vs $25k

Still waiting electric and other insurance

2022 Budget

Town Administrator Report

CIP Meeting update

Recycling Way Beautification

Library Impact Fees Update

Christmas in Litchfield

Selectmen Reports

  1. Planning Board Representative - Kimberly M. Queenan

  2. Emergency Management Team - Steven J. Webber

  3. Recreation Commission Representative - Steven J. Webber

  4. School Facilities Improvement Committee - Steven J. Webber

  5. Capital Improvement Committee Representative - Steven J. Webber

  6. Budget Committee Representative - F. Robert Leary Sr.,

  7. Conservation Commission Representative - Kevin A. Lynch

  8. Heritage Commission Representative - Richard W. Lascelles

Non-Public Session

Non-Public Session

  1. RSA-91-A:3 II(c) - Reputation

  2. RSA-91-A:3 II(l) - Legal matters