09.18.2023 BOS Agenda
Updates to the 2024 Budget Summary - Board of Selectmen 9.7.2023 (1).pdf
2024 Budget Summary to the Board of Selectmen (2).pdf

Current Budget:

As of September 11th:

Department Proposed over 2022:  $610,067

Over the Cap - $313,495.00

Changes this Week:

Increase in BMSI Software - Accounting  of  $216.00

Dispatch Fire - Reduced projected calls from 850 to 750  based on 2022-2023 Trend - Reduction of $1500.

Ambulance - New Contract -  Increase of  $19,650

New Department Proposed over 2022:  $628,433

Over the Tax Cap:  $331,861

After Recommendations :  $ 47,027.48

2024 Budget


The MS-1 Inventory Valuation of Town Land was updated and resubmitted to the NH Department of Revenue on Friday, Sept. 15th due cycled inspections which were completed and entered after Sept. 1st.  As you can see below, we picked up $639,300 dollars in value, now  only $59,703 lower than 2022.


MS-1 Changes.pdf